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> Hello, Blogtrip Tribe! How are U all? We hope very well.
> Today is a nice saturday in Spain, sunny and shiny, and we are
> expecting as hours count off to start our trip through Asturias. Just
> a brief note to tell that we have added English tabs in
> ; we can’t have the whole thing in English
> for the moment, but at least we hope these tabs will help everybody’s
> friends to follow the trip. Also new: a page with the player of the
> live streaming video feed that will be produced all along the three
> days 12th – 14th as people debate and share experiences on technology
> and tourism.
> Please feel free to forward this URL to friends and people that might
> be interested in following the live stream. If they can’t understand
> Spanish, Tourism is a universal language!
> If you haven’t yet tested publishing by email in
> , remember: just a mail sent from any of
> your accounts to will produce a nice
> post in the blog! The mail’s title will be the post’s one; the text
> will be it; and you can attach any stills or videos as well. This is
> intended to serve as a live and fresh real diary in which we can share
> best (and some others, why not!) moments of our experiences next week.
> I am looking forward to saying presential HelloS to all of you and
> Alberto
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